Mimmo Manes – Graphic Designer & Art Director

Mimmo ManesHi Mimmo, we see you’ve posted completed examples of your submissions to the 36 Days project, could you tell us more.

Of course, 36 days is a project for invited designers, illustrators and graphic artists to give ​their particular view on the signs from our alphabet. I have designed these 26 letters and 10 numbers, one a day, from April 1 to May. I thought about this project as a compendium of styles and possibilities.

36 DAYS OF TYPE: 26 LETTERS + 10 NUMBERSMimmo Manes - 36 Days

Mimmo Manes - 36 Days

Mimmo Manes - 36 Days

Mimmo Manes - 36 DaysWhat are you working on at the moment now that you’ve completed your work for 36 Days?

A project for Cambridge University Press and a project for Dinamo, an italian digital company.

How did you get started in your field? Did you study something in particular or are you self-taught?

I’m absolutely self-taught (study + experience). I started to work as graphic designer in 1999, it was a brilliant period to start working in the digital and internet fields. Before starting this profession I studied Economics and I loved creative writing, comics and music. I settled upon my current work especially because I can contribute to the social side of graphic design (in Italy there was and is an influential school engaged in the development of a social awareness of graphic design).

What do you think of your time at university?

Oh dear, is passed so much time! (Since then I’ve studied Economics…)

How do you manage your time as a designer and blogger?

In fact it is complicated. During quiet periods I try to post on twitter or update my personal website. Finding original and interesting content to share and present in an attractive manner takes a lot of time and forethought.

What was your inspiration for your business card design?

Mainly the work of the italian artist Alberto Burri and my personal long experimentation on the Sextant  and other similar shapes.

How do you typically start a new project?

I collect all possible information about the customer and their goals. Once I’ve assimilated all this information about the project I will start the real work with sketches on paper or on the computer.

What do you do to manage your needs and those of your client?

Actually a graphic designer is an artisan, not an artist. Often there’s a misunderstanding about the role of a designer and this situation creates frictions and troubles with clients. I try to create a regime of trust with my clients, is the only way to have a prolific relationship.

Can you describe your design and illustration style?

I hate style. I love experimentation.

Is a designer’s worst client himself?

Sometimes it’s true. In other times is so exciting to work for yourself.

Have you any advice for aspiring designers and illustrators?

Be curious about the world and people.

What top tip can you give to any freelance graphic designer/illustrator?

Organization, discipline, empathy.

Mimmo Manes - 36 Days

Mimmo will soon release his featured work as Risograph prints and can be contacted at www.canefantasma.com.

Mimmo Manes - 36 Days