50 Bespoke Gift Cards For Any One of Your Clients – Free

If you’re a graphic designer or an agency we want to bring an offer to you. We’ll print 50 bespoke plastic gift cards in full colour for you to give to a client of your choice. They’re free and we won’t even charge you for delivery.


Oklahoma Gift Card


You’ll have a client happy to pay you for your creative services and you’ll be their switched on favoured designer with another idea to make them money. All you have to do is supply the artwork.

Just pick one of your clients and we’ll help you increase their sales and profits.


Here’s Why Businesses Love Gift Cards –

Customers with a gift card spend freely, almost all will spend more than the card amount.

Card holders are more likely to pay full price for an item rather than wait for the sales.

Gift cards bring in new customers.

As soon as a card is bought that’s money in the bank

Not all gift cards are redeemed, surveys suggest a 90 – 94% redemption rate. That’s £000s – £0000s straight to the bottom line.

Card holders choose what they buy so unlike a gift they’re much less likely to return an item. This means lower costs for the business.


Gift Cards and All That Goes with Them

No doubt you’ll also design some striking point of sale materials and we’ve got various templates to make your job a little bit easier, but you don’t need to stop there, a gift card program calls out for you to create displays and signage too.


Gift Card Marketing

We have many real world examples of how gift cards can hep increase your clients’ profits, improve customer satisfaction and retention, why not contact us with a customer in mind and listen to our ideas.

We’ve gathered together the following to give you some gift card design ideas –


Sweet Dad Gift Cards


Kahwa Gift Card


Ted Baker Gift Card


Selfridges Gift Card


Banana Republic Gift Card


Guitar Centre Gift Card


Coffee Gift Card


Coffe House Gift Card



Krispy Kreme Gift Card


Intelligensia Gift Card


Elixr Gift Card


Cafe Nero Gift Card


Jack Wills Gift Card




This offer is limited to 50 entries per month, open to graphic designers and agencies and limited to one submission per year.

Artwork must be in accordance with our artwork guidelines which are available to download here.

Every week we’ll pick the cards “of outstanding design”, these will then be sent to print and despatched two weeks later. We reserve the right not print a submission for whatever reason.

We’ll supply 50 gift cards printed in full colour on both sides of 760 micron white plastic in either gloss or matt finish.

Just send your PDFs to help@harrybugg.co.uk

We reserve the right to end this offer at any time.