Replacing Your Plastic Cards with Digital Cards


We’re approved by Google and Apple to produce and distribute digital cards to mobile ‘phones. Our designs meet the criteria laid down by both and our cards can be tracked back to us by them.

Send your data to us, we’ll create your card design and send a personalised card to your customers’ or members’ mobile ‘phone, one click later and your card will appear in their Apple Wallet or Google Wallet along side their bank cards.

For new customers and members just add them to your account on our platform and press “send” and your card will be delivered to their ‘phone.

Digital Loyalty Card


Quick and easy distribution of cards.

One click of a mouse and a digital card is on it’s way, a press of a button later and the digital card appears in the customer’s or member’s wallet on their mobile ‘phone. Right next to their bank cards, not hidden away in a conventional wallet or purse along with many other plastic cards.

Environmentally friendly.

Immediately improve your impact on the environment by cutting your use of plastic and supporting stationery such as letterheads and envelopes. If you mail your plastic cards you’ll reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating postal delivery.

No need to replace lost or damaged plastic cards.

When a customer or member loses or has a damaged plastic card and needs a replacement it’s usually an administration headache and takes time to replace and deliver. With a digital card it’s done at the click of a button and the replacement is on it’s way.

Personalise every card at no extra cost.

You may well already issue a personalised plastic card – a membership card with a name or a photo id card with a name or photograph. With a digital card these can be added at time of issue for little extra work and no extra cost.

If you’re issuing a loyalty or gift card you can add a name to personalise the digital card at no extra cost.

Update and cancel cards quickly and easily.

No print, mailing, postage and storage costs.

If you’re sending plastic cards to customers and members by post you’re incurring the costs of printed plastic cards, attaching cards to letters or leaflets, envelopes and postage. With a digital card you’ll reduce the administration involved in issuing cards and eliminate the costs of stationery and postage.

Improve you bank balance.

With conventional plastic cards you’ll be buying a quantity of cards whether that’s 1000 or 100,000 for use over future months or years. With a digital card there’s a monthly platform fee inclusive of digital cards, if you need more cards one month just pay for the extra cards that you need.

Add barcodes and QR codes at no extra cost.

Until now you would have been buying plastic cards pre-printed with barcodes and QR codes or adding them yourself with a plastic card printer, both at extra cost. With a digital card these are a no cost extra.

No need to buy plastic card printers and supplies.

If you’re currently personalising plastic cards on site with names, photographs, barcodes and any other data then making the move to digital cards will reduce administration and bring to an end the need to buy plastic card printers and ribbons.

It’s becoming expected by ‘phone users.

Mobile users are seeing the rapid adoption of digital cards by large businesses and organisations so they’re expecting the same of all their cards and they’re starting to begrudge having to carry plastic cards.

Digital Membership Card

Why not contact us and we’ll explain how easy we can make your change from plastic cards to digital cards.